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We recruit the best people we can to become part of our team. We encourage them to make their own decisions, creating a respectful workplace where people are treated fairly and are highly motivated to succeed. We look for people who are passionate about their work. For some it's our technology expertise and the chance to work among the best developers, for others it is an opportunity for growth.
  • We are driven by innovation and creativity. We welcome people with curiosity, lots of ideas and the desire to keep improving.
  • We push the limit of what has been done and what is considered possible every day
  • We value our staff. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we want them to grow with us.
  • We offer a lot of Onsite Opportunities and our employees have visited our clients in USA many times.
  • We offer competitive compensation and a range of attractive benefits.
  • The company's culture is built on relationships, collaboration and teamwork.
    You'll work with good people who have pride in - and passion for - what they do.
  • You'll have abundant opportunity to develop your skills, make a meaningful contribution, build your career.
  • Hysis Technologies rewards people who make a positive difference Flexible work arrangements.
  • We are fierce protectors of our good name. We'll never compromise our ethics, our integrity or our standards.
What you can expect:
  • We are not shy about saying what we think. And we stand up for it.
  • We take responsibility for our work and if we see a problem we fix it.
  • We'll do whatever it takes to do the job right.
  • We resolve our issues out in the open. Internal emails and team meetings.
But don't let that scare you. Staying passionate about these things is how we stay successful.
Since Hysis Technology was founded in 2003, Hysis has been a team-based organization that fosters personal initiative. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India, and have dozens of clients and partners throughout the USA. A fundamental belief in our people and their abilities continues to be the key to our success.
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